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Allergic to BP - Regimen with Crystacide (1% HP)

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Hello, Im a 27 year old female with moderate acne, and a few cysts. I tried starting the regimen about a month back, despite having a bad reaction (rash) about a year ago to Panoxyl 5% spot treatment. I started out with a small amount of Benzac 2.5%. It was fine for exactly one and a half days until I woke up in the right with a crazy itchy face and little bumps all over it (no new acne though!). This took a week to go away using antihistamine for relief. So once this went away I dug out some Crystacide which my doctor had prescribed a while back and i had used lightly as a spot treatment. There was a study I read about this being as effective as 4% BP though I dont know if the researchers were being paid to say that :)

Ive been doing the regimen with this for two weeks, and have been doing pretty good with much less new spots forming. However my face is oilier and I had a breakout (small red spots and a few whiteheads) a few days ago which could have been from either applying the Crystacide much later in the day cos I ran out, or coming back from a holiday to warmer weather.

Will keep updating!

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So far so good, no new pimples for 2 days. Skin is not dry or flaky, actually looks pretty good (touch wood) apart from some red marks but these dont tend to stick around for ages on me.

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Skin is still doing the same, not really better, have had a few new spots (3 small, one larger off to the side of my eyebrow where skin product tends to build up). Not sure why, maybe hormonal? Tried neutrogena fight and fade (glycolic and salicylic acid) only on these spots. This product sucks! Its really oily and made the spots redder and bigger overnight, and added white heads to the one on my chin. Stopped using and went back to just wash, crystacide and moisturise and they are healing. No new this morning! Though I have a rash on my lips from something, I love sensitive skin.

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