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Very confused, not sure what to try

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Well here is my story. I always had very mild to moderate acne. I had some red marks here are there (my problem spots are my chin and upper lip) but it was always something that was completely bearable. In about mid-march of this year I was prescribed Aczone 5% gel and it ravaged my skin. I had very horrible pustules, some with like 3-5 heads on one single lesion. It really just destroyed my skin and my self confidence and left just redness all over my problem area (where I used it). I am now on Doxycycline 100mg 2x daily and Triaz 3% pads twice a day. I also use some lemon juice at night and sometimes calamine lotion during the day and the acne part of me is generally under control. I rarely get a pimple now (i get pustules), and if I do, it is gone within a few days. The problem is I have a ton of redness all over that area from my run in with Aczone and I want or need something to treat this. I think people see it and think maybe I have super bad acne or something when I really don't as much anymore. I have a derm appt on August 3rd for a checkup and I want to talk to her about some kind of treatment I can do for the redness. My hyperpigmentation is a red color, but a little bit duller than some I have seen on here. It isn't like a bright deep red, but in sunlight or like a flash on a camera it really shows and is just really embarassing. Is there anything I can talk to her about? I don't have like pitting scars or deep red pits or anything. My skin feels normal to the touch in these areas but most definitely doesn't look it. I live in Rockford, IL if that is needed at all. I just need to find some kind of treatment that I could possibly do to fade or get rid of these marks, I cannot live like this any longer. So if anyone has any light or laser treatment that would possibly help with the red marks I have now, I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in a good direction.

I have put two photos in to show my hyperpigmentation. One has a flash on and the other doesn't to show the difference like I was talking about.



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