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Pantothenic Acid Advice Needed!

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Sorry, I notice that you seem to get quite a few posts similar to this, but I would appreciate any help you have to offer.

The problem is the oil produced by my skin (crazy as its only on my face - I suffer from severely dry skin on my hands and feet and also used to get this on my face when I was young), I'm not so bothered about the acne as it's a lot better than it used to be. I tried every acne treatment I could think of before moving onto megadosing pantothenic acid to try and stop so much oil being produced as I'm sick of having to wipe it off every few hours.

Anyway, I did a lot of research before starting this, but I've seen no benefit. I started with panthethine and acetyl-l carnitine but that did nothing, so I opted for pantothenic acid as it seems to be quite successful from what I've read, although I wasn't comfortable with the high dosage.

Regardless, I have been taking 2*500mg doses 10 times a day roughly an hour apart to try and avoid peaks. They are time release which doesn't seem favoured but were the cheapest ones (I have no money!). From counting how many I have got through, it seems I have been doing this for roughly 40 days at least. I have been taking a B-complex a day and I will start getting biotin if I decide to continue for much longer. I have also been applying Isotrex gel (isotretinoin) every night for about the same period of time. I moisturise my face regularly during the day and drink a lot of water.

Occasionally I have not been able to take the full 10mg in a day due to being busy and I have sometimes had to cram it into a smaller time frame at the end of the day, but this isn't usually the case.

There has been absolutely no difference from what I can tell, except perhaps fewer spots, but not significantly. So, should I up the dosage? Take more at each interval? Find a non-time release form? Stop using the Isoxtrex? Give up?

Help please!

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I take 1000mg of B5 a day along with 200mg of Zinc. I have a book about Vitamins and Acne and it says that taking high amounts of B5 isn't really harmful. I watch the Zinc carefully but I wouldn't be worried about Megadosing on the B5

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