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Acnease: has anyone tried this yet?

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I just started taking Acnease which I got over the internet. It's an herbal treatment for acne. I've got the worst cystic acne I've ever had and It's freaking me out. I'm about to go to Mexico for two weeks and I look like garbage. Dermatologist said mine is cause by Androgen imbalance (it's on my jaw and neck mostly). He prescribed Erythromycin but since I already started taking the Acnease I was wondering which way I should go: Keep working on the Acnease or start the Erythromycin.

I can't take Accutane because I'm trying to get pregnant.

Please, if there's anyone out there who has tried Acnease and has ANY opinion of it, please please let me know! Thanks.

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I remember checking out the AcnEase web-site some months ago and being apalled by the ridiculously high prices and the idea that taking about 20 pills a day will help more serious acne.

Sorry, but you were had by a scam. If you check out healthboards.com and their acne archives, you'll see mention of people who posted on that forum about how great AcnEase worked for them, but when others started to notice they were scammed, these supporters mysteriously disappeared.

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