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What if your COMPUTER can help?

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I've been thinking for a while now about acne. I haven't been meditating or anything.. just thinking, a lot. One day when I was thinking, I had a 'Eureka' moment, and I thought, wouldn't it be cool if computers could help us humans out with our facial ailments?? Yes! I said to myself (not out loud, just, I think I was watching television.. or brushing my teeth or something)..

Of course, there's no actual way that a computer can directly cure acne. It's not like when that robot speaks for Stephen Hawking - however I do believe that by the powers of technology we can develop some sort of all-in-one freeware that assesses the amount of redness on our face, compiles sets of data about how well our skin is progressing (graphs etc.), and also a diary/calendar of specific acne related events.

What I'm thinking is, you take a photo of your face once daily/once weekly, upload it to this program, which then assesses the amount of red in the photo (this IS possible), or the amount of black/yellow in the photo for blackheads/yellowheads, and then calculates the percentage difference (how better or how worse it is) from one day to the next.. You wouldn't even have to view the photo if, like me, you are camera-shy, and instead just look at the graphs of skin improvement or skin disimprovement.

This way we can provide ourselves with key information with what IS working for our skin and what ISN'T. If the calendar says '14th July - Start of Accutane', and, after a spike of redness in the graph around 2 weeks in, the graph actually shows the redness going down, day after day, then this provides clear doubt-killing proof that the skin is improving - all this done without ever actually having to look in the mirror!

We will never have to rely on our own perception - altered daily by different light, make-up or just plain 'I hate mirrors' moments. We will also never have to rely on friends and relatives that you only see once a month saying how our acne has improved ("No Aunt Maurice.. you just forgot your glasses...")

I see it like the Wikipedia of public libraries - no longer will we have to rely on our ill-equipped memories to accurately determine how better or how worse our skin has become over a course of a few days. Do you really remember exactly how your skin looked at 7pm on the 13th of June? Was it better or worse than it is now? Did that Neutrogena cleanser really work or was it just because you were drinking more water that week? Scientists studying BP or Accutane don't rely on memory, they use tables, graphs, computerized data to determine whether a product is worth it. Why can't we do that to?

Anyway, this is probably the weirdest, crappiest idea you have ever seen or heard, however I think somehow, somewhere a piece of freeware may be the key to helping us really understand our acne troubles and providing a solution to what works best for our individual needs.

(please don't ban me for this! :P)

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Hehe awesome. Well thanks to the 100% positive feedback I've recieved, I will start to think a bit more about possibly designing this freeware. I'd have to spend 2 years doing A-level programming beforehand, however, although this is only a minor setback. :D

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