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mrs big

Natropath for acne

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Hi there

I'm new here. 30yo and suffering from hormonal adult acne. Big clusters mainly on my jawline and cheeks and spots on the rest of my face. It gradually appeared when i was about 23 and just got worse and worse. Since then, the only thing that's cleared my skin is the Dianne (Yasmin) pill.

My husband and I are now trying for a baby, so goodbye Dianne, hello acca face.

I visited a Natropath in the hope for some natural remedies. I've had a look around the forum here and surprisingly i haven't seen much of a mention of these products.

First we tried Nat Mur, in the hope that it would balance me out resulting in clear skin. No joy, nothing happened. I visited him again yesterday and he's given me a bottle of Paeonia and Glycyrhiza. Tastes like arse, but hopefully it helps. He's also given me folliculinum which i am to take 2 tablets on day 12 of my cycle then 2 per day, every day 5 days before the end of my cycle. Quite confusing actually. It's meant to balance the hormones. He also told me to take chromium and zinc supplements.

Has anybody tried any of these? (besides the zinc which i see is fairly popular) After having a read around, it's pretty clear that there's no set remedy, and it's going to differ for each individual, but still i am curious to know if i'm wasting my money on expensive visits to the natropath or not.

I will certainly keep in touch to let you know if any of it is working.

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Just wondering if the new remedies are helping you at all? I'm 29, off BCP since January and going to start trying for baby #2, and my face is worse than its ever been. I am feeling severely depressed- thank God for makeup. I suffer from modere-severe acne now that I'm off BCP (more mild-moderate on BCP). I probably wouldn't be as severe if I was using topicals or something but I've been trying to go all natural with no chemicals to get ready for pregnancy. I also suffer from really bad red marks (probably worse than my acne itself). I just had 2 laser treatments to work on them, but so far my red marks only look worse.

I'm think of going to a naturopath too...just wondering if you're having success.

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Please let us know how it is working. Sounds like I'm very similar to you. I started dealing with excessively oily skin and acne since my early teens and even as an adult the only thing that helps is certain BCP. I don't want to take them because of the health risks but my acne causes me such serious depression I'm now back on them trying a new one. Only 2 months in and noticed some improvement especially with the excess oil but still having breakouts. I'm hoping another few months and to be clear again but would LOVE to figure out how to clear my acne a natural way w/ supplements, diet, etc. and not have to take BCP. Plus what am I going to do when I'm too old one day to take them any more. Ughhhhh.

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I can't give you any feedback on the course of treatment that your naturopath has you on, but I can comment on my own experiences with a naturopath.

I've been working with one for the past two years, mostly to get my PCOS under control. At the beginning, she put me on Insulite ( a series of supplments that get hormones in balance) for a little over a year and it worked really well. In addition to that, she detoxed my system with Unda remedies (tinctures) and weekly sessions in a far infrared sauna. Finally, she put me on a no sugar, no artificial sweetener diet that helped with the insulin resistance. This approach has seen the most success.

Unfortunately, when she left the practice, my new naturopath said that I should have been on that course of treatment for at least two years. Instead of putting me back on the Insulite, she has me on the following with the same goal in mind: balance the hormones.

  • Iodoral (50mg/day) to treat hypothyroid problems

Evening Primrose Oil (1200mg/day - Full moon through new moon)

Natural Progesterone Cream (1 pump/day - new moon through full moon)

For reasons that I won't get into here, I haven't been following the full regimen and my acne has progressively gotten worse. I've recently gone back on the Iodoral and probably will add the EPO and the NPC into my routine soon.

Before she left the practice, the first naturopath recommended that I get treatment with Blue Light. I've started that this week and the hyperpigmentation is starting to fade.

Let me know if you have any other questions. If you want to see how I fared month to month when I was on Insulite, look at the SoulCysters.net thread "Where are the Insulite Girls?" So far I've been pretty happy with my progress.

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Natropaths can be great, they can set you on the right path, if they know what they are looking for. FIRST THING TO CHECK IS IF YOU HAVE CANDIDA. If you had pretty decent skin when you were younger that has now gotten worse, it can be due to candida overgrowth. I personally had candida and was going to a natropath, he did not pick up on the candida, I figured it out myself, stopped his regimen and did my own research. Candida can cause major depression, anxiety and acne directly and indirectly. You need to DETOX. Acne is a topical sign that something is wrong internally. You should start by looking into a colon cleansing system and you need to cut out all sugar! You would be amazed at how detoxing can even remedy hormonal issues.

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