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Since gettin off my roid cycle, I had to change up my diet approach as well.

It consists of:

250+ grams of protein





TONS of water

less than 20 grams of sugar

Skin wise:

shower once a day


apply avar-e

no makeup

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steroids? why were you on it? Disease or personal use?

carbs - less than 20grams of sugar? Carbs mostly are broken down into sugar. Like starch sucrose lactose maltose etc. I dont know about fiber.

Water isnt needed that much, you dont have to overdo it, but it cant do harm. You could take tea and get some nutrients with it.

You count fruit with the sugar i hope?

Eat the veggies varied. Get some green (brocolli kale spinach) jellow (onion garlic leep) red veggies (tomatos red kale) etc, eat the rainbow :D

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when i meant 20g of sugar..i meant in useless junk, like if i want a bowl of cereal or somethin, i won't go overboard

and i did steroids for personal usage..wasn't a bad decision, just got expensive

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steroids is also a bad choice...

Best way to aprouch you diet is in % fat , i try to eat as high fat as possible. Currently at 40% fat 40% carb and 20% protein or somethingl ike that. (When i dont snack of course). Im trying to varie my diet more now. I think these % are pretty good. Only carbs come from: fruit (3-4 a day, potatoes (already limited this), 150-200ml of yoghurt (limited this already a lot) and 1 plate of soup.

I actually havent had any real breakouts lately. I dont have any forming pimples at the moment. I slipped yesterday though, so I might have a breakout, i hope so actually it will prove my therory.

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eh steroids itself wasn't a bad decision, didn't really effect me negatively, if i had the cash i would.

but your diet seems pretty good, granted you'll have a breakout here and there regardless of what you do, pimples happen to everyone lol

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