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clear on the reg for about 6 months but...

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I've been on the regimen for about 10 months, and clear for about 6, the only time I ever break out these days is if i do something like pull an all nighter or miss a couple doses of BP. I use AHA at night instead of moisturizer (doesn't effect dryness)

my main problem is I'm clear, but still super oily / super flaky, and if i take away BP my acne comes back with a vengeance in about a week.

My skin is so sensitive that just washing it under plain water makes it feel tight and dry, the only remedy ive ever found to help this dryness is to apply jojoba oil within 30 seconds of washing my face (with purpose soap)

but if use jojoba before I use bp, the bp doesnt get absorbed and i break out.

as a result of abusing my skin like this, my face looks really unhealthy, I have huge pores, with many blackheads on my nose, and im sickly oily all over my face, I need to dab my face with tissue about every hour to keep it from looking like an oil slick....its that bad.

And one last thing, the worst of all, is that I have scars on my face that are over 2 years old...ive been using bp for about 2.5 years, and it causes my scars to linger FOREVER, when I break out in other places on my body (back, neck) where I dont use Bp the scars are 100% gone with in a month.

dont know what to do, want to get rid of these scars and not be oily...but I cant quit bp or ill break out.

and dont give me that "you shouldn't put chemicals on your skin" nonsense because I have chest and bacne and scalp acne where I dont use any products.

sorry about the long post.


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Do you have hard water? At my old house we did and my skin dried like crazy, couldn't stop the flakes and my skin would always burn. Now that our water is better, my skin is holding up a lot better.

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Have you tried Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets? They work great at quickly removing oil but the are only a temporary fix and you'll probably use a few throughout the day. Idk about the flakiness though.

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Hard water could be the problem. I'm currently using hard water and my skin is dry as ANYTHING and I get breakouts more often than I used to. When I used to live in a house with a water softener my skin was clear 99.9% of the time and never had a problem with dryness.

Also make sure to do the regimen twice a day, everyday. Skipping applications will cause breakouts, not getting enough sleep will cause breakouts.

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try this:

use bp only in the morning. and at night, ONLY use aha (or Tri-luma, but you need a prescription, cost is around ~$150, but it will last you a longgg time 1+ years, and you are only supposed to apply in 2 month increments).

Personally, I think bp 2x a day is very good for only people who don't get hyperpigmentation marks, because i don't care what everyone else says, but bp DOES slow the healing of discoloration.

So try that, bp in the morning, aha only at night.

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