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Tea tree gel/ cream that's effective (to apply to whole of face)?

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Hi! Still loving this site : )

After I posted about being allergic to BP, I was recommended tea tree oil. For the past couple of days I have been using a home-made 5% solution (mixed with water) dabbed all over my face with cotton wool balls after cleansing and patting dry. I don't know how effective this mix is though as my only acne-preventing topical.....

I would really rather switch to a gel or cream though as it would be much easier, but I want to know the product has at least 5% tea tree in and finding this out from the ingredients is harder than you'd think!

Does anyone recommend anything that they know to be effective by themselves/ at least 5% tea tree?

I read someone talking about the Desert Essence range earlier - seems like their Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion could be a good idea if no one else has anything to recommend, no idea what % tea tree though.

Also checked out Nelsons Tea Tree Cream and other gels....

Thanks for your help! : )

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Hi flower_power,

I'm not sure about putting this on your entire face but I do know it works on my back acne and it has tea tree oil. I put it on my back, shoulder and chest area and it helps keep me from having nasty flare ups. There are natural oil ingredients in it so you do have to take ashower everyday, other wise it could cause break out. Also works great on bug bites.

The product is by Derma E and it's called skinbiotics. they have a website.

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If you are in the UK then Boots do a 20% Tea Tree Blemish gel which I've used and was very effective.

Holland & Barrett do a 15% TTO lotion although this is not specifically for acne.

You could try making your own gel with aloe vera gel I guess if you can't find similar products where you live.

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Thanks for all your replies, guys!

Rob, are you talking about the Thursday Plantation tea tree blemish gel? At 20%, would this be okay to apply to the majority of my face every day or is it really only for isolated areas?

PM'ed you this as well cos I'm hoping I can get to Boots before it shuts today :b

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