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Weird Skin

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After coming off nimigen(isotretinon) for 2 months, my skin went through a peeling process, dried up and the dead skin scabs falling off, my acne is practically gone but i had this weird shiny, rough, uneven looking skin texture on both cheeks, does anyone know what they are? They are also slightly raised and i also have some indents, they looked damn disgusting under the sun and i looked more aged. Could they be scar tissue? If so, can anyone advise me on how to treat them. Thanks

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Well, if the marks are indented then it's likely that you may have some scarring - few people get through acne without any scarring, unfortunately... sad.gif

There are many ways to go about treating indents - I'd advise you to take some time to read through the information on the FAQ at the top of the scar board.

After this, you may want to try with some topicals first to see if you have any results from these.

The ones you may want to look into are:

-copper peptides

-amino plex spray

-puredeming intense gel

-lactic acid peels

-TCA peels (stronger than the rest but arguably more effective)

If you are still unhappy with your skin following this, you could look into scar procedures that help with indents. The ones I'd recommend for shallow to moderate scarring are:





If your scarring is more severe, you might want to look into:

-TCA cross

-Isolagen and other fillers


Do your research and I'm sure you will be able to find ways of improving your skin. It sounds to me like your scarring is not too severe, so you might get good results from procedures that are not too invasive or expensive, or even from topicals.

Good luck! smile.gif

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