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lump after lancing of cyst

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I had a huge, nasty cyst on my cheek. It was injected with cortisone twice, only to flatten then come back BIGGER each time. At the third visit, the derm lanced and drained it. A lot of pus came out, then dark blood (eew, I know).

Now, about a week later, it is much flatter and the pain and a lot of the swelling have gone away. You can see a red line where she cut the skin. What concerns me is that surrounding the scar from the cut, where the original cyst was, I can still feel a lump. It's pinkish/greyish in color and much flatter than the cyst in its prime, but still there.

Is this normal healing and I have to just wait it out? Or is the cyst still there, lurking and waiting to reemerge?

I know it's only been a week but I just want this sucker to be GONE already. What do you think? Any advice appreciated

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Is the lump in the same general place as the cut? Like to the sides of the incision? Cos if so then it's very likely just scar tissue. If you've ever felt an incision scar on someones whos had open surgery etc. it feels lumpy right beneath the scar and just to the sides. It will flatten eventually if thats the case but I couldn't tell you when because I don't know how big the incision was. The smaller the incision. the quicker it will heal. Hope that helps :D

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