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Help With Regimen

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I've had mild acne for about 2 years, solely on my face :angry:

Its cleared up but i still have the lagging spots and some biggens pop up from time to time

Jus lookin for some suggestions on my current regimen from u helpful folks!


Minocycline 50mg

Medi-bact (pure vegetable oil soap)

Garnier Pure deep clean foaming wash

Garnier Pure pore purifying astringent


Nite - pretty much same deal but use Differin instead of the eryance

Not sure about the soap or garnier stuff, wat are your experiences with it ?

missing anything?

Also noticed during the day my skin gets a bit oily, especially around my nose


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What are the active and non active ingrediants? do YOU believe they have helped?

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eryacne - active: erythromicin, inactive: butyllhyrdroxtoluene, hydroxypropycellulose and ethyl alcohol

differin - active: adapalene, inactive: carbomer 934p, peg-20 methyl glucose sesquisterate, glycerol, squalane, disodium edetate, methyl glucose sesquistearate, cyclomethicone, sodium hydroxide, purified water

medibact soap: guessin the active is W/W Triclosan ingrediants: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Triclosan, Perfume, Sodium Chloride, titanium dioxide, Trisodium HEEDTA, glycerine, butylated hydroxytoluene, EDTA, eitdronic acid

umm typin that stuff was effort in its self, the garniers is jus huge :blink:

but both contain salycilic acid if that means nething?

They have worked in reducing my acne but i still get the odd flare ups and the laggin red spots around my cheeks n chin, its been at this stage for a while and I just want it to clear up completely !!


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Hmm, sometimes its near impossible to get 100% clear because even normal people suffer breakouts from time to time.

It seems like your using a whole buncha stuff. You need to exfoliate to clear the red marks, you can use alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid for that. Do a search on those.

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the deep clean foaming wash exfloliates but doesnt contain glycolic acid. Would i be overdoin it if i applied it morning and nite

cheers for the help

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