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Hi everyone, I need some help. Robert and Chloe are you out there!!!? I have been reading all the posts daily about scarring/ treatments and can't get over all of these treatments that I have never heard about. My dermatologist never mentioned any of these. Anyway, I have been reading Robert and Chloe writing about the TCA peels , 20% salicylic acid mask, triredution cream, copper peptides.

Whew....Can anyone tell me how often to use (day or night) and what to wash my face with (oily, acne prone, sensitive). This is a lot of strong product going on my skin so I want to do it right. Please give me suggestions.

Also, I went on skinbiology.com. There is so much on the site I am confused. What are your suggestions on what to buy(too many choices). I did notice that they suggest to use all products am & pm for best results. A little scared about that. Is naturalskinshop.com the best place to get 20% peel?

Sorry so long, I'm just excited about all this new information. Please help.... :pray:

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Hi. I'm not Robert or Chloe but I'll chip in anyway! biggrin.gif

For oily, acne-prone skin, I would recommend the following regimen:

(it's not my exact regimen, but I have tried all the products)

Cleanser: Purifying Cleansing gel from Living Nature. https://www.livingnature.com/catalog/main.c...pid=80&cid=1898 - it contains manuka oil and honey, both of which are extremely antibacterial. It is also very mild on your skin.

Toner/ skin defence - manuka oil and honey antiseptic gel https://www.livingnature.com/catalog/main.c...id=102&cid=1932- again from Living Nature, it soothes the skin and many posters have found it to be as effective as BP at preventing and subduing breakouts.

Moisturiser- jojoba oil. http://stores.ebay.com/Fortunate-Garden- non-comedogenic but extremely beneficial to oily skin, as it helps regulate sebum production.

For use on active acne/cysts - pure manuka oil -http://www.manukaoil.com/shop_in_uk_pounds.htm 33 times stronger than tea tree oil against common skin bacteria.

Scar treatments:

you could look into the following topicals:

- puredeming intense gel r-ala

-copper peptides

-lactic acid peels

Start with these to see how you get on and if your scarring does not improve a great deal you could move onto TCA, which is much stronger.

Good luck! smile.gif

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