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Weird Skin reaction? help!

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I am 16 years old and ive been suffering from acne for over 2 years now. I was on aczone and epiduo for a year, and I saw a slight decrease in my acne, but not nearly enough to satisfy me.

I went for a trip for 2 weeks backpacking in oregon and I couldnt bring my topical gels. During the two weeks of no face washing except for oil removing pads my skin cleared completely and I had no acne whatsoever! I was so excited that when i returned i decided to go off the gels since they simply irritated my skin anyways. I only washed my face twice a day with Neutrogena foaming cleanser. The next couple of days my skin completely broke out and is now worse than ever before. I really really don't want to return to the topical stuff, but I feel like I might now have to, considering my skin's condition!

Does anyone have any advice? Why would my skin react this way? How should I get it back to where it was the past 2 weeks!??


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Maybe all the fresh air and exercise from backpacking helped your skin? That's what happens with me, I go for a long walk in the hills or something and there's an improvement in my skin for a while. Maybe you need to spend more time outdoors?

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well I play soccer so I am outdoors a lot of the time, I just thought it was weird that my skin did better when i didn't actually wash my face!

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Oh, that's weird :confused: It doesn't sound like it in your post but maybe you were over washing in some way? Srubbing to hard? :think:

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sometimes our skin gets used to normal cleansers,creams etc..so when we completely stop it,and try something much more mild and less irritating,it reacts well and you get no breakout whatsoever.

but this can't last forever,right?of course you have to go back to your normal cleansers and creams and etc.and when that happens your skin is kinda shocked,so it breaks out in response.when i went to Germany i had the same thing.so flawless!always moisturized,never oily.then when i came back,BOOOOMM!major breakout!i cried a lot,haha.

i recommend you try milder products or smaller amounts of cleansers,creams etc.

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