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ok my face is a mess right now but im not going to go into that. but my back is STARTING to break out. i have 4 visible pimples. my usual stuff (benzoyl peroxide cleanser and cream) doesnt seem to help and when i apply it i can feel new small blemishes. my brother had moderate backa acne and i really dont want my back to turn into that. so help! please! what would you recomend? what works for you? please lend some advice

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For me, I accidentally stumbled upon a bottle of aloe vera juice with aloe pulp (no sugar, no preservatives; only some grape flavouring 'cause aloe is tasteless... I think) Well, anyway, I thought 'why not?' I've heard of aloe being really useful as it's full of vitamin E and etc and my skin was kinda... not in the best state it could possibly be.

So, I started drinking this aloe vera juice in the mornings on an empty stomach. One glass per day for a few weeks. I also upped my water intake by a few glasses and added a few drops of lemon juice per glass to make it drinkable. (I hate the taste of plain water >.<)

Lo and behold, in about two or two and a half months of a changed drinking pattern, my backne disappeared. I was insanely shocked. (this is no exaggeration, I was shocked) My facial oil decreased a little, but there was no drastic change, but my back was... smooth for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long. All but the few scars from previous backne, my back was - dare I say it - perfect.

It was pure accident, but this worked for me. I'm still drinking my daily glass of aloe vera and there hasn't been a pimple on my back for ages.

I wish you the best. =)

PS. I recommend aloe vera juice from Korea with Korean writings on it as most aloe vera juice (well, at least where I'm from) is mixed in with apple juice or whatever. I think this decreases the effectiveness of the aloe itself, so I'd go with a Korean bottle of aloe juice that's been flavoured. My aloe vera juice was made in Korea by a brand called "Lotte". Once again, good luck. =)

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