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Kinda sudden breakout

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Hey, here's my situation:

I've had acne since i was 13 (i'm 15 now), not very bad acne, just random red spot that then would leave bad marks for days (my skin irritates easily, when i get a mosquito bite without scratching it, it leaves a scar even after 1 month. luckily acne scars go away in less than 1 month).

Then, for 2 weeks since last monday, i suddenly stopped getting pimples like the ones i had during winter/spring, just no pimples at all basically, as far as i can recall.

Then, like 4 days ago, i popped a small piple i had near my cheek, and it left a big mark, i still have it now, then my face started to break out small pimples everywhere, mainly on my nose and something even (not very bad though) on my chin.

What is that? i thought the cause of it all was some chips (don't know the proper word, like pieces of potatoes), they were kinda full of oil. i ate them when i started to break out. but now after 4 days i still break out like i used in the winter, dunno why, i'm eating just normal stuff i guess (nothing worse than when i didn't get anything, and during that time i also ate pizza and mcdonalds, so..)

what's the cause of this?

also: i stopped going to the swimming pool like two day before i started to break out, and i went there during the 2 weeks when i didn't get anything, could it be that?

sorry for typoes, i'm in a hurry

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