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Acne from travelling leading to a lot of red marks

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Basically I went to Sydney for a week for an all expenses paid 'Science Camp' sort of thing.

I went alone without family (missed them immensely) and was stressed out

The conditions in Sydney were different to Auckland, it was much colder and sunnier at the same time lol

Anyways prior to leaving my face was very clear, I'd been using differin daily at night + a nutrogena cleanser every morning.

During my trip my forehead was abundant in acne and i got massive white heads forming (the picture is about 4 days into the trip and had begun to calm down)

When coming back to NZ 7 days later I got a hair cut (thought my hair was the cause of my forehead acne) and shaved. On shaving I found some acne underneath my semi-bear that was very red and white at the tip and that my cheeks are now full of many red marks of which non-existed till shaving.

Anyone able to shed light on the causes? or what I can do to help this situation?

I'm thinking stress related as well as a change in climate

(My ball is in 4 days ='[)

I'll try upload a photo of my face tomorrow morning when I wake up, its too late now to get out of bed lol





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Sorry I can't help too much, though whenever I go on holiday, even if its just Auckland to Wellington, my skin breaks out. I think it is just changes in temp, humidity etc as well other possible changes in your daily routine. Sorry to go off topic, but you mentioned youre on differin, I was wondering if its subsidised in NZ?

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