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is this bad?

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well i do the reigmen right it isnt really working for me no big changes sad.gif well i sit in my house all day i dont even go out anymore do to acne sad.gif is that bad? will the sun help it ? im not sure plz help me thnx and u kno any way the regimen isnt working i been doing it for about 4wks

?any help thnx brad

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Damn I have to same problem as you do, and that is "Trying to hide myself" :ph34r:

Acne just sucks! They make your life without color!!! :wall:

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Yes this is bad!! Not healthy at all. Are you all seeing a dermatologist? Have you tried Accutane?

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Also my daughter was on the regimen for 3 months and it didn't work for her, but it seems that after we started using Benzaclin(5%BP and 1% antibiotic) for our BP in the Regimen it has been working so far. She has been using the Benzaclin for 3 weeks and she did not have her "monthly" breakout she usually has. Just hoping it keeps working.

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Before you state that the regimen is not working, let's double check a few things. Please take as much time as you need to provide a thorough response to this.

1. What products are you using, including anything extra that you might be using?

2. What do you do, morning and evening to your skin, exactly? Please be very specific.

3. Please read http://www.acne.org/faq.html#notworking and comment on what is said there.

The sun may help in the short term but will probably bite back in the long term. I do not recommend it. Finally, 4 weeks is not enough time for many people. I have seen the regimen take 2 months to work which is why I state on the site to do the regimen precisely for 2 months.


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first off i wash my hands then i wash my face with neutrogena face wash then i wash my hands again then i apply the neutrogena 2.5% acne medication on then i wash my hands again then if im lazy i wont apply moisterizer but if im not i will apply after shave stuff good for skin biggrin.gif ran out of clean and clear moisterizer so...... any suggestions?

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