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Zinc Oxide = White Residue Avobenzone = Burning Red..What to Do???

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I can't figure out a good moisturizer to user with the Regimen. I can't find the Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide anywhere

Anytime I use a zinc oxide and titanium dioxide-based physical sunscreen I develop that embarrassing white residue all over my face. I look like a damn ghost.

Whenever I apply an avobenzone-based chemical sunscreen to my face, my skin stings, burns and turns red and very irritated.

I can't find a good micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreen that goes on clear. EVen if I did manage to find one, that whole arguement over whether micronized particles on the skin is safe comes up.

I need an SPF because I live in a warm, sunny-climate with very strong UVA/UVB rays.

What the Hell do I choose? I can't fiure this out.

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So apparently there are iron oxide sunscreens.. because a red-brown cast might look more natural. I haven't tried any yet, but it's an interesting thought right?

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I have a Shiseido sunscreen that has about 16% zinc oxide and about 7% octycrylene or something like that. I'll check in a bit but it is very dewy and does not make my face white nor shiny.

It's called Shiseido Sun Lotion PA++ spf 55. If you search it you'd find it.

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