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I have been using Acjuva for about 4 months now. So far it has been absouloutly wonderful to my face, and I think maaaaayyybe I have found "the one".

Just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it, and if so what your results with it are?

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Great, just what I needed, to be interested in yet another topical kit xD! I read the website, it seems really nice and I'm glad it doesn't contain SA or BP. I hope a few more people can vouch for this product and then I might buy it....

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Not saying it couldn't work, but there's nothing particularly special about its ingredients.

Plus a bunch of junk science:

They list hydronium ion as an ingredient. "This microscopic chemical can penetrate the most congested pores, destroy bacteria, and eliminate acne—all while making your skin soft and youthful. Hydronium also counters the effects of aging by eliminating free radicals." Otherwise known as water.

"The salicylic acid derived from white willow bark DOES NOT have the side effects and irritation as the chemically derived salicylic acid found in nearly every acne treatment." This is crap.

There are a couple of other ingredients that are known irritants, but also known treatments for acne. A couple of ingredients that are great for the skin i can instantly identify as not formulated correctly to be useful.

BUT, if there is a good amount of tea tree oil in this, then that will do the job. But why not just buy straight TTO and dilute it yourself?

The whole thing just feels scammy to me... but maybe I'm jaded.

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Well, I think anyone could argue about pretty much any product/ingredients that are on the market right now. Whether they work or not, crappy ingredients etc. I like it because it has changed my skin. Im not gonna say its a miracle worker and completely cleared my acne, but the severity of my breakouts has decreased from moderate-severe to mostly mild some moderate. That happened within a week. Thats enough for me to keep using it over a year or so!

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