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dermal fillers help

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i have used teosyl as a dermal filler for my acne scarring on my cheek. It was supposed to last for 6-12 months but lasted for 4-5 days lol. I was told Teosyl was 100% hyralunic (sp?) acid which is absorbed back into the body over time. I'm pretty sure it migrated ,once it was injected into my scarred area because I could feel bumps of it nearby the scar after the 4-5 days. However now a month later that is also vanished completly.

Do you think I should try another brand name and what do you think about taking permanent dermal fillers? Are they likely to migrate as well or do they stay put, which is something I m really after? Thanks

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change your doctor and yes, change the brand. dermal filler is really technique/skills dependent. try restylane or juvederm. And make sure your scars are not "tethered" down.

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As noted in the above comments, fillers are skill dependent. If you want to go the filler route, find a doctor that regularly performs cosmetic injections and make sure they provide before/ after photos. Maybe try one of the longer lasting temporary fillers first to see if you like the result. That might help you feel more confident committing to a permanent filler such as microdroplet silicone.

If you give a general area where you are located someone here might be able to recommend a doc.

There are several doctors in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area that offer silicone treatments for acne scarring: Dr. Alkek and Dr. Lam.

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gotta say for years, I've had a mildish depression on the tip of my nose which really depressed me. *duh...

but I went and saw a cosmetic dermatologist here in sydney, and after requesting filler - and going down the fraxel restore --> repair route, finally had aquamid and that has really changed things. Its now looks much better and I'm no longer picked about looking like there's a depression on the nose which downlights can catch.

However you swap one problem for another and my pores have now surfaced as a real problem - but yeah. Permanent filler is the way to go (imo). I had restalyne injected before the aquamid but that last 1 month? And it was $800 AUD.

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Fillers are great while they last but same as you...I've had them turn into bumps under the skin over time which look like acne cysts which I had years ago and am now trying to treat the rolling scars which have been left behind!! Vicious circle, hey?!

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