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Does Azelaic Acid work the same way as retinoid like Tazorac? What would you use between these two to clear up tiny bumps under the surface?

No, azelaic acid isn't a retinoid. It works differently. It does help somewhat with clogged pores, but probably not as well as retinoids do. Its really good if you are prone to inflamed acne though, because it is also antibacterial and antiinflammatory (and also reduces redness). However, if you mostly have noninflamed acne, I would think that Tazorac would be the better option.

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I'm on finacea right now (15% azelaic acid) and I don't believe it is a retinoid. It works incredibly well on non inflamed acne if you ask me.

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I went to my derm and got the prescription for Tazorac 0.1% and Finacea 15%. I'll use Finacea once during the day and Tazorac at night. If Finacea doesn't do well at killing the zits, I'll switch to my Klaron and continue using Tazorac. Hopefully it's a good combination. He told me Tazorac takes 4 weeks to see good results.

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Finacea is giving me crazy itchy feeling so much that I want to dig into my face and scratch it for hours. I get the itchy feeling as soon as I apply Finacea. I was on the sun the whole day yesterday and I think that contributed more. I did not use SPF moisturizer cause I wasn't sure if it would make a mess and dilute Finacea.

Not sure if I should continue using it while I'm using Tazorac. Both peel your skin so that might be too much for my face. It says that Finacea also bleaches the face and not sure if I want that.

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