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Question about peels, ?

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I have a question, How does peels, of any kind can improve pitted scaring?

the pitted scars from what i understand is held down by the scar tissue of the center of the pit,

and to release that, the peels would have to penertrate deeper than the skin it self to get to the

scartissue holding it down, and on top of that the collegen would have to rebuild.

peels are only surface chemical peels to penertate the top layers, and for skin colouration and to smooth out the scars by expanding the depth of the scar.

so can anyone explain or am i totally wrong ?

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Lighter peels that just exfoliate gently won't do poop for scars. In my anecdotal experience, deeper peels will help scarring by evening out the skin tone/texture and also by stimulating collagen production. Some peel types by their nature penetrate to the dermal layer and help stimulate collagen (TCA for one) and thus help with pitted scarring. This has been my experience.

Gentle, long-term exfoliation also helps by seemingly evening out the ragged or steep edges of scars. I have noticed improvement in my scarring by continued use of a glycolic acid product. I do not have a real explanation for this except as I stated that it may be simply evening out the ragged or steep edges of scars.

A topical retinoid used for a year will also help with scarring as it, too, stimulates collagen production.

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