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few questions

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I've decided to start the regimen. I mean, nothing works for me, one thing did but i acne came back. Anyway. i had few questions. When i used proactive my skin burned alot, and it was unbearable. Since proactiv contains BP do you think this regimen will also burn my skin? I also used "stridex day and night" over the counter product, that was the biggest mistake ever. I discontinued using it after three days because my skin was itching and burning. AM i allergic to BP? I dont use it anymore, i use sylilic acid instead and it doesnt irritate my skin. Should i do the regimen anyways or what? I am so desperate to get rid of my acne. Even tho right now its not that bad, for some reason my pimples seem to pop only on my lower face area such as lower cheeks and chin. I dont know why. Also they pop between my nose and upper lip. I dont know what to do. I wish there was some kind of a cosmetical procedure that would help.

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but then again the Stridex medication was 2.5% BP, do you think it would help if i substitute BP with SA, i am sure i can find 10% SA creams or something similar

Bytheway, Dan, the creator of this site is a genius for helping so many people(and hopefully me)

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well you definitely won't be able to find a 10% SA products at your local drugstore. You'll find 2% SA in most OTC items. Sage skincare do a 4% solution.

BP and SA are very different medications. If you are using sa it is not the regimen and tho you will probably experience improvement it won't likely follow the pattern of regimen users. Of course you could try it out.

It doesn't sound like you are allergic to bp, but obviously you are sensitive to it. Which means if you are going to do the regimen you are going to need to follow dan's instructions to a "t" - use a good moisturiser twice a day. a non drying gentle cleanser and most importantly ramp the bp usage up very, very slowly and maybe apply only once day to begin with. So that you keep any irritation from the bp to a minimum.

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but what if my acne problem is from the inside and not the outside? Do you think Acnease pills would help cause i heard they do. Also, i go to the bathroom once three days, sometimes once in four days. Could that be causing my acne

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Give it a try, I don't see why not. But remember to follow the Regimen to a T. Don't start off with too much BP, and slowly increase the amount as your skin adapts to it.

And about your acne problems from the inside and not the out; Of course acne forms from the inside. It's all caused by a mix of things, hormones, toxins, stress, etc. But just give the Regimen a try first, and if it really doesn't work, go see a Dermatologist, or a health specialist.

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