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Trying neosporin

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I am starting to use neosporin on some bad cysts/nodules on my inner thighs. I'm using the antibiotic with pain relief version. I've seen some improvement already after just a couple of applications. Here's hoping I can get rid of this crap down there so I can focus on clearing my neck and face for good.

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Please keep posting as I would be interested to know how you get on with this!!

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I wouldn't advise using neosporin regularly for very long, because you will end up developing a resistance too it. I noticed the more i started using it, the less effective it started to become and i stopped immediately.

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I actually glanced at that at work today, I work at Target, and I was like 'I wonder which is better'. If I don't see the results I was hoping for I will switch and see what happens.

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I'm not using this quite as much as I was at first and but I'm still seeing some improvements.

I also started using Aquaphor and an Aveeno moisturizer/body wash. My skin feels a ton better and I think my skin is healing.

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problem with this is prolonged use of neosporin will cause you to develop a resistance to it, and it will become less and less effective as time goes on. good luck all the same.

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After buying polysporin and using that for a couple days I cut off all use of it. I transitioned into using Aveeno body wash coupled with an after shower routine of the following.

if going to work

Morning: Aveeno moisturizer + aquaphor

Evening: AHA

if not going to work (day off)

morning: AHA

evening: AHA

The neosporin/polysporin really helped with the initial breakouts and quelled any infected pores.

I've found that the aveeno + aquaphor helps protect my legs from any friction and keeps away anything that makes my legs breakout. And it aids with healing.

AHA has done wonders to help with the scarring and also aid healing.

I really hope this is the end for my inner thigh acne or whatever I have there.

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