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my 6 year long battle with acne. please read

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Hey guys,

I have had acne since I was 18 years old. My 1st pimple was on my chin 1 month before graduating high school. When when I turned 20 things got worse. I didn't just get 1 pimple I got them all over...mostly my cheek and my chin. I usually got a breakout every week. When I 1st notice it got worse I started using clearisel. That didn't work. I then went to the dermatologist and prescribed me with retin a and I think 2.5 benzoyl. The retin a and benzoyl made my face dry and itchy. At about 21 I started getting red spots left over where my acne was. I then started to use proactiv because I heard it really can clear your skin. Well proactiv was too strong and it literally burned the left side of my face off. It took about a month for it to go away. At 22 my skin got real bad and I got desperate. It was affecting me personally to the point where I quit my job cause I didn't like the way I look cause I was breaking out every week. I then switched to skin id. It worked really good for 3 months. My skin improved but the redness never went away from spots that I picked so bad they turned into scabs or wounds. I have been back on proactiv for about 4 months because its more light on your skin. It turned out incredible. It erased all my pimples but my red spots were still there. Mostly they were on my cheeks. I am now 24 and right now I currently have 1 pimple and its not a pimple anymore...its a scab on my chin cause I picked it. I have been going in the pool almost every day... at least 4 times a week. Last week I broke out and I'm unsure if its because of the pool. I have a regimen. In the morning I take a shower and I use the proactiv cleanser...I then shave. I then use my toner followed by my repairing lotion and moisturizer. At night I do the same thing except I don't moisturize. I still have very bad red marks on my face and I have tried everything. I drink a lot of water. Is there anything else I can do. Any advice from anybody.

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Have you considered that the acne might be an internal problem? Lots of acne sufferers get trapped in the "topicals" routine and they put product after product on their faces hoping it will help their acne go away long term. Well you just end up becoming dependent on the product and spend more money than is necessary.

Maybe try changing your diet. Cut out milk, replace it with rice milk/almond milk/soy milk.

Cut out anything with hydrogenated oil in it. Peanut butter, mayonaisse, certain spreads, etc. can all contain them. Check the labels.

Cut out refined sugar. Cakes, cookies, candy, etc etc. Even things like honey, malt sugar, cane sugar, brown rice syrup can cause breakouts.

Consider that certain fruits could be culprits. Citrus fruits/bananas/kiwis/strawberries have been known to break people out. Red apples though, have pectin in them which is good for the skin. Unless you're allergic to them, I'd suggest having 2 or 3 a day.

Increase the veggies. Carrots, sugar snap peas, coleslaw, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc etc. Potatoes can cause breakouts in some people, but sweet potatoes are better-they contain Vitamin A which is very good for the skin.

Eat lean meats. Fish is very good, the omega 3's are good for the skin. Have chicken too.

More on this in the nutrition/diet section. Check it out :)

Oh btw, I don't think the pool is breaking you out. Personally I've always found the water in pools to be nice and drying to the skin (but then, I used to have oily skin).

If you want to use topicals on your skin, try egg whites or carrot juice. The egg whites will dry out your skin and the carrot juice can heal scabs. Just leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Hope that helped you out a bit :) Don't fret-there's always hope for clear skin.

Oh and btw, depending on how bad your skin is, a healthy diet like this can take a few months to see results with. Just be patient with it.

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