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I've been on the pill for a good few years now. But as far as acne goes, my skin only stays at a consistant level of 95% clarity when I don't eat wheat and limit my sugar to very little or none at all.

Even with the pill, my face won't clear unless I adhere to these rules of a diet. But that is just my personal regimen.

For ladies that are on the pill or not, you may still be getting mid cycle acne or premenstrual acne. Which actually makes me do this face on a monthly basis :|

I will be clear for two weeks, then about 14 days into my cycle, my forehead, chin, jawline and sometimes cheeks(basically 'the face' haha)will breakout. And my acne ranges from whiteheads to painful pustules. Usually cysts on the chin, which are a bitch to heal as my skin scars so easily.

But you get stuck in this cycle of two weeks of clarity(usually in which my skin will still be healing from the previous breakout), about 3 days of 'hey my scars are fading', and then oh hello new acne, that time again already is it, well nice of you to show up on time I guess. Not.

I mean, I've really come along way in terms of my attitude towards getting new acne, I try not to attach to it emotionally and just sigh and say ok, lets review the diet, suppliments and see what we can try next eh. But it's hella frustrating more than anything. You see girls who get no acne, and I mean NO ACNE during their whole monthly cycle and you just think what makes us so different that my body does this and yours does not. And I think it's this healthy frustration that has spurred me on to keep looking for something to keep my hormonal monthly acne to a bare minimum.

I haven't yet tried Aleve, which I know there is a big thread about and lots of people use that with great success. I'm not sure I like the idea of taking pain killers every month, I've been trying to heal my tummy from years of antibiotic abuse, so I don't want to put more shit in there. But I do have a box of Aleve, incase I decide to give it a whirl. I go on martyrdom fuelled rants about trying natural methods, and then 5 minutes later I'm like ok just give me the drugs if it works haha. I used Ibruprofen for a few months, which seemed to reduce the size of new acne, but didn't stop it appearing.

But my recent discovery, which is why I'm making this post, are suppliments that have already been talked about in great detail on acne.org. If you go into the nutrition and holistic section of the forum. Which is like my online church, and has helped me no end, in improving my overall health, not just my acne.

I get home, I decide to put on a cd and chill in my room. Oh it's James Morrison? How very soothing. What's this? A windup chicken that my housemate gave me when I moved out. Wow I suddenly miss her so much...and BAM. Cue lying on the floor in a fetal position, cradling a wind up chicken and crying prefusely.

Oh, it must be my mid cycle menapausal moment :dance:

Seriously, the same days every month without fail I will get the weepies. At least with the pill my hormones are predictable by the minute.

Shit get back to the point you're trying to make here, ok so here it is.

I've been taking starflower oil, fish oil(not from cod liver) and L- glutamine in doses higher than the recommended daily intake.

My mid cycle acne time rolled round this month, I got 3 little white heads on my chin. That is all.

I take other suppliments and do other things for my acne(check my sig)but it was only when I started to increase my dosage of these three that my mid cycle acne improved so much.

*Starflower oil(Borage oil for the yanks): This is the one I'm taking a shit load of. I can't find any research to suggest this is damaging. The capsules I take have 190 GLA content(the inflammation wizard) and I'm taking about 12 a day =0 which I know is a butt load, I was originally taking 6 a day, but I found increasing it to this amount is doing wonders.

*Fish oil: I experimented with high dose fish oil(in a 3, 6 and 9 formula)a while back, but I think the star flower oil is contributing more to the success as that is what I increased first to see what would happen. I was originally taking 3 capsules a day but I am now taking 6. I know that fish oil sourced from the liver of the animal can be bad for your liver in large doses, I've read a few threads on here about damage caused by overdosing on fish oil, so I will not go higher than 6 capsules. The brand is take is Paradox, which I've found to be the best for me, no soya(can mess with your oestrogen levels) in the ingrediants list, capsules coated in extra virgin olive oil. Pricey but awesome.

*L-glutamine: This has been in my suppliment list since I started my experiments with candida fighting. I was convinced I had leaky gut, after my candida diet worked so well, but yet adding certain foods back in afterwards broke me it, alluding to a gut that was damaged and causing food allergies.( I was literally at the point where everything would break me out, which is why I don't think it was JUST food allergies and intolerances causing the problem.)

It is an amino acid famed for it's immune boosting, gut healing, inflammation promoting properties. And thus fantastic for leaky gut. My cheeks used to be littered with cysts, everything I ate did this to me, and I was a wheat free vegan for many years and still had this problem. If I get any acne at all now on my cheeks, it is the tiniest white head, and it will literally just be a slightly raised pore. When I stopped taking L glutamine daily my cysts returned on my cheeks. So in terms of digestive problems causing hormonal acne, I believe L-glutamine is working well. I was going to try colostrum, but had no money to get it shipped haha, and I already had this in my stash, and it's awesome. I started at 6 capsules a day and am now taking 8-12 a day.

These 3 suppliments, combined with drinking apple cider vinegar(cleanses liver, keeps ph of body balanced, can help with blood sugar levels, keeps candida and other bacteria in check), Psyllium husk and bentonite clay fibre drinks(help keep your digestive tract clear, soak up toxins in the body)and a probiotic suppliement(replenishing good stomach bacteria, healthy hormones start with healthy digestion of food)my monthly acne has been kept to a couple of whiteheads. Which has made me so unbelievably happy=) I was even considering spiro, but if I can just take my suppliments and do my regimen then the pill is plenty drugs enough for me, and I will come off that when I want to have kids. Hopefully with a better idea of how to treat my hormones naturally.

This is a mega long post, and I wasn't sure whether it was more hormonal or nutrition forum worthy, but I wanted women who battle with their monthy acne constantly to see it.

Edited by Whiskers McCoy
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