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just starting the Regimen - a question

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Ok guys,

So I'm doing things a bit backwards and starting the Regimen after Retin-A didn't work for me :confused:: P . I have naturally dry, sensitive skin, and have mild-moderate acne. I'm using:

Avene Cleanance face wash (it contains salicylic acid so I really just splash it on and off quickly)

The Regimen's BP Treatment

100% pure jojoba oil as moisturizer

Here's my main question: Previous to starting this regimen I was using a combination AHA cream on my face morning and night. My skin had totally adjusted to it and did not get red, irritated, or flaky when I applied it.

So far I've applied the BP twice, a pea-size amount, and haven't felt any irritation so far. Is it possible that I might have an easier time of it because my skin had previously adjusted to the AHA, or will the two things have no effect on each other? (I've stopped using the AHA for the moment since starting the regimen)

I'd also be curious to hear what percentage of you guys out there suffered an IB, just so I know what my chances are.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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No matter what, expect an IB. But an IB with BP isn't going to be as bad as IBs with other medications, such as retinoids. I had been using BP for a month prior to the regimen and I still got one. However, it was only a few pimples (though nasty) and lasted for about a week or so. Not so bad!

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I had a bad one about 5 or 6 days in but it healed up quite quickly. To be honest though I have broken out every week since starting but not as bad as that first one.

I would start simple...follow dans instructions, thats how so many people have had success!

Good luck!

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Well, just a report on how I'm doing:

It's very strange, I'm 5 days in, am up to half a finger in BP and so far have had no IB and, what's even weirder, no dry, flaking, or red skin whatsoever. Bizarre! Maybe it's the jojoba oil, which I swear by.

Thank you everyone for your help and advice, it's good to know other people's experiences.

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