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So I'm not complaining about not breaking out anymore. I do occasionally get the tiny pimple before my period.... but not the cystic kind I had when in high school. I've been on taz since dec.... and yaz for two years.... my skin just recently has become more dry than normal. Which is awesome. However, I don't want it to completely dry out. Personally I think a little oil on the face makes people look healthier and more beautiful... especially when make up is applied. I'm just worried if I'm just going to keep getting drier. I don't want that. Some days I'm normal. Some days I'm more oily than usual. And some days I'm in between. And some days I'm just dry. Has this happened to anyone while on Taz? I use cerave mositurizer before my taz.. just a little to prepare my skin. And I moisturize after I apply a tiny tiny tiny tiny amount of BP. Any feed back? heheh thanks.

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WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH GETTING PITS ON TAZORAC? I have one new pit from a coristone shot! Thats never happened until recently. I'm freaked out.....

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Well since so one replied I'll give my two cents. Uhh I was on tazorac but recently I stopped because #1 I've never noticed retinoids doing anything for my skin as far as unclogging my pores, however, they do keep them open I have noticed

#2 I don't like my derm, haven't been there in forever and really don't have any refills on anything left and my acne case has changed significantly since I was prescribed this so I really want to switch and try something new.

I used this along with benza-clin in the morning...the two left my face very uneven in oil distribution. It really just looked gross because it would be totally greasy in one area and not in the other (mostly from applying the benza-clin). I didn't have too much dryness after awhile because I think my skin got used to it. Washing with a mild cleanser helped. The only time I remember having massive dryness was when I used all this along with a mint julep clay mask a couple nights in a row. I've heard about people using gel moisturizers for combination skin but I've never tried it. My friend had a clinique gel moisturizer which she liked a lot. I had been using cetaphil which definitely doesn't help with this situation in my opinion. I also tried aveeno and that was very oily. You might want to buy some argan oil and use it on your dry patches. When they heal you might be able to apply it all over your face because it soaks up pretty well despite being an oil. I hope you find something that works!

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