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I dont know how to get this on the differin reviews but if anyone out there is using it and gets discouraged DO NOT STOP IT!!!! this medication takes A LONG TIME but its WORTH the WAIT i had very light acne on my forhead and before that i had perfect skin so getting acne hit me hard i was very upset every day but i didnt let it put me down..i started using differin and it made my acne turn to pretty much moderately all over my forehead i HATED it i became frustrated and would read reviews on the medicine EVERY day and everyone said it gets worse before it gets better and its SO true!!! it clears out the pimples you have and pores that were clogged before you could see them! i am now on my 4th week of differin and i only have 3 pimples left..my face is smooth and flawless in the areas that once were acne filled. I just wanted to type this so anyone could read it and become more hopeful in their acne treatment! just keep using what your doctor prescribed because it most likely will work!!!! DONT GIVE UP!!! i hope this helped!

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Moved to the Topical Retinoids board.

To add a review to to a products, go to the Reviews page, search for the product, and then click the orange "Review this item" button, located on the right side of the screen.

If the product you'd like to review isn't already in the database, you'll get a page with an orange button that says "Add item to database". You can click that, and then add the item and your review.

Hope that helps. ; )

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Been using it for over 10 weeks now, along with duac and minocycline. still breaking out.

screw differin.. i had a HUGE hopes for it. i really thought this would be it. but here i am still fighting them off breaking out almost everyday.

I started breaking out when i was 19 honestly WTF! .. now im 21 and have to deal with this shit when what i really should be doing is getting on with my life - a career, a girlfriend, saving money etc.

2 weeks more of differin, seeing my derm, then accutane .. cant wait to be honest.. atleast i KNOW after a few months accutane WILL work!

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