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Large reddish/brownish mark after cyst..

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This is going to be a long story.

It started when I tried popping these three weird white-pus-filled things I'd had on my face for quite a while. I'd popped them before, some white cheesy stuff came out and then they always came back so I had stopped for a while. This time, however, one of them didnt pop. I stopped squeezing but it was too late.. it developed into a HUGE cyst, got so big it obscured by vision a bit, VERY painful. Nothing seemed to work (BP, heat compresses, cold compresses, etc) until I used black salve, which was a miracle. It drew out all the gross stuff and the cyst shrank considerably. I can still feel a LITTLE something there, I think, but that isn't my biggest problem.

The entire area that had grown so large is still reddish/brownish. I have a small indentation in my skin which is bothersome but probably would've been difficult to avoid and not a big deal, its just that the whole area is still discolored. The discolored area is approximately the size of a quarter.

I've tried hydrocortisone to reduce the redness, though only for two or three days because I didn't want to cause any damage. Helped at first, but then I woke up one morning and my face was back to being just as red as ever, so I discontinued that immediately.

I'm including two pictures, though I think it looks a bit worse than the pictures let on. I think the flash made me look a little better than I do.

Anyone have any advice? Ive seen options like skin lightening cream or skin peels but I don't know how I feel about that. I'm somewhat nervous I may have gave myself rosacea but I'm not so sure since my redness WAS there before I used any hydrocortisone.





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u might not want to hear this but i have on nearly on the same spot as your but just a lil more to the left and it is triple of your size. however it has improved ALOT well at the moment it has. when it was sore i put vitamin E on it for one night then i left it alone. i found that by putting products on it i kept aggravating it and didnt give its time to heal...

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