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Hi, Im 19 years old and have been battling with acne for about 7 years but just recently, like the past year or two i have had horrible cystic acne outbreaks which are really tough to deal with. I went to a dermatologist and was put on antibiotics and given topicals to use but nothing seemed to work so i decided to go to this natural medicine and they changed my whole diet no chicken, no sweets, no dairy etc pretty much giving me a vegetarian and organic diet. They also gave me herbal tea to drink three times a day and i go to them for acupuncture three times a week and they gave me numerous products of natural ingreidients and again nothing has worked. Ive tried about every home remedy and nothing worked. Tried every over the counter creams and stuff nothing has worked. I almost seem out of options, Can somebody who has dealt with this kind of acne give me some suggestions?? that you have tried and been successfull with it would really help a lot


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wow, i feel for ya... so here is my deal. i've been on accutane, 3 treatments which is the max and it helped tremendously BUT years later, the acne and cysts came back and i ran out of insurance. i still get acne and after much research, here's what i do.... hope it helps for you.

acne/cysts, i believe happen internally and then they push their way to the surface ending up on your face. so we have to fight it both internally and externally.

have you heard of pantothenic acid or b5? this along with evening primrose have helped reduce my acne by at least 90-95%!!!! you can get b5 from gnc but it's rather pricey so i order it online at vitacost.com. now here's another thing...you have to take VERY HIGH DOSES of it in the beginning, as long as 2-3 months, give or take on YOUR body's reaction to it. it is recommended 10-15 grams/day!!! if you get the 1 gram tabs, then that's 10-15 tabs throughout the day, 3 with brkfst, 3 with lunch, 3 with afternoon snack (fruit, whatever), 3 with dinner and 3 before bed. the 1gram tabs were hard to swallow for me so i take the 500mg capsules but my acne is under control now so i only take 3 grams/day....

take EPR 2x/day-1 with brkfst and 1 at dinner.

i have very oily skin so i wash my face 3x/day cause i wear makeup and want to wash it off as soon as i get in from work. i now use st ives green tea facial wash and scrub. in order to clear your pores and exfoliate, it is necessary to use a scrub a few times per week. i use the scrub in the shower followed by the wash. to keep your pores clear, you must do this regularly. then 1/week i give my face a sulfur facial.

does this sound like a lot of work? YES IT IS but when you have cysts and acne, this is what you must do...there's no way around it. it becomes routine but i promise when you start seeing your results, you'll run to exfoliate and scrub and mask your face... oh, if you have dark spots with cysts usually leave behind, use a fading cream. i prefer ambi fade cream because it's not greasy. i use this in the morning and before bed... i also use tazorac which is by prescription but i had this left over and since i paid for it, i'm gonna use it until it's used up. just substitute and get yourself a good benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid cream to spread on your face...dont' just spot treat, spread on your whole face very gently every night or if you get dry, every other night and use a moisturizer if you need to, that's where i use my ambi-if i gotta moisterize, then i'm gonna get more bang for my buck and get it to fade those dark spots too.

i hope this helps....post back and let me know. be patient, i have been struggling with acne since i was 17.

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