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Chest Redness!

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A month or so ago i came out with really bad spots on me chest (around the middle) not too many, about 5 but they were a bit big and they took a while to go. (due to probably sweating and irratation) Anyway now im left with red marks on me chest which i am concious of cause im going on holiday soon and i want to stroll around without no top on! It's not that bad, but bad if y'know what im saying biggrin.gif. Just fed up with em, i like me body but these are gettin me down!

Is there anything i can do to help with the healin process (will go away yeah?). I'm currently on minocin and im puttin retin-a cream 0.025% on each day.

Any help appreciated..


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Personally, I have found the best thing to reduct redness is the Amino-plex spray from bio2 skincare.

This is available from sending a private message to board member Richardskin, who can sell it to you at a reduced rate of $34 (I think - I paid in pounds biggrin.gif ) This is very expensive, I know, but worth it in my opinion. It's probably the quickest fix you're going to get.

There is also an interesting product available from victoria health ( a great health store) that claims to reduce capillary redness beneath the skin (which is basically what red marks are). I haven't tried it but it sounds interesting. Here's the link:

(again, very expensive. Sorry!) http://www.victoriahealth.com/vh2/contents...ils.csp?pi=1206

Alternatively, you could try going with lactic acid peels, which are excellent at reducing redness. You can get them at Puredeming or Logan wood skincare

Good luck. Be thankful that you don't have severe scarring across your body like me! <_<

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Red spots on the chest, back, legs, etc. heal much more slowly than the skin on the face. Also if you are going to use any acid (Lactic, TCA, Glycolic ) use a weaker strength since these areas tend to hyperigment much more easily. Sun block SPF 45 is a MUST !! The Amino Plex Spray really does help too.

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is it worth using the tape method on the chest? tried that once today..will probs carry on see if i get any results

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