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Question about Dan's alternate morning regimen

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Dan has mentioned multiple times that there is the option of replacing the morning routine with an application of AHA+ and facial sunscreen.

I think I am going to try this because I have been on the regimen for almost two months and it has cleared my active acne completely (thanks to this site).

However, I have a question. When you're just using AHA and sunscreen in the morning, do you still have to use jojoba oil and/or a separate moisturizer to control flakiness? I use zinc-oxide based sunscreen - Olay Complete SPF 15 or 30 (I have both) - and to control flakiness I've been putting on moisturizer before the sunscreen and adding jojoba oil to the SPF. (It works great, for those that are wondering.)

I am aware that AHA is excellent for flakiness control, and I've experienced it myself. I use it as a moisturizer every other night and it works great. However, if you put it on in the morning, then put on zinc-oxide sunscreen, will there still be a problem with flakes?

I realize everyone is different and I'm thinking about just going ahead and trying it, but I also thought it'd be worth it to ask if anyone else has experience with this.


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If you're going to try using just AHA in the mornings instead of BP, you shouldn't need to use an additional moisturizer in the morning. Dan's AHA is specifically formulated to be moisturizing as well as exfoliating, and it looks like your sunscreen may be moisturizing as well.

Keep in mind that after a while, Dan switched back to using BP twice a day, as he didn't feel that using the AHA in the morning instead was effective enough. Best of luck to you, though! ; )

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Thanks for the info - I think I knew that Dan switched back to BP 2 times per day, but on his AHA page he says:

For people with lighter cases of acne: I'm hoping you guys can replace the benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer in the morning with AHA+ and remain clear. The morning regimen would consist simply of washing and applying AHA (and then sunscreen if it's a sunny day). The proof is in the pudding, so we'll see how that goes. If this works, it'll be a nice alternative that doesn't bleach.
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Please report back in a few weeks or so and let us know how this works for you...Im sure many people will be curious...myself included!

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I decided to stay with the normal DKR regimen for now. However, I've been incorporating AHA as my night moisturizer as Dan recommends and it has helped my skin a lot. For one, during my morning regimen I only have to apply my SPF moisturizer and a few drops of jojoba oil in order to combat flakes. Two: it makes my skin feel and look better; though the red marks persist, I'm hoping that a couple months of AHA use will help them fade.

I know that Dan has recently changed his mind as far as SPFs go, but until his SPF comes out, I wouldn't change over from zinc oxide if you paid me to do it. It not only works as a sunscreen, it helps heal red marks as well. When I don't use AHA at night I put on a zinc-oxide ointment (after reading a thread about it on here) and I'm fairly sure that it has helped with redness. For me, the flakiness problem is manageable with jojoba oil, just as Dan has been recommending for years.

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