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Birth control and body acne?

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I was wondering if birth control has helped girls' body acne as well. My back and chest break out sometimes even when I use benzaclin..so I was wondering if it was also hormonal and was just curious to as if other girls' entire body has cleared up from birth control pills? If so, which one worked the best? Thanks!!

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it is my opinion that birth control pills don't only clear up "hormonal" acne, they seem to help with all acne if you can find the right pill. I think one way they do this is by reducing oil. And yes, the birth control I was on before helped with my body acne within a few weeks, however I had to switch due to depression and the new one (ortho tri cyclen) isn't helping yet.

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Which one were you on before? And how long have you been on OTC? Thanks!

I was on femcon fe before, and have been on otc right around a month now (just starting my second pack). it's kind of a weird situation; I'm not regularly sexually active, my acne isn't that bad (although I'm hoping my folliculitis/body acne/whatever will clear up on otc), but I want to be on it for easier periods although my normal ones arent THAT terrible. So I don't have one solid reason to be on it, but it's so easy to take, no side effects or anything for me, that the slightest benefit (periods, hopefully helping with skin eventually) is good enough for me. but I'm hopefully getting a tubal ligation in a few months so I'll probably go off then.

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