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Ocella and heart racing....anyone?

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I started Ocella 2 months ago..and ever since I started...my heart randomly beats really fast for like 5-10 seconds. If I go from like the fridge to the counter...my heart starts beating really fast...and at work when I'm just sitting...it randomly beats really fast. I have no idea why it is doing this...I'm thinking about calling the doctor next week anyway to talk about switching to ortho tri-cyclen anyway...but I hope not all pills will cause this to happen...has anyone ever experienced this with birth control?

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I switched from Yasmin to Ocella (the generic) and started getting heart palpitations, which I never had when I took Yasmin. Doctors tell you the medications are exactly the same, but I don't believe it.

I stopped taking the bcp in January '10 and as of 1 month ago started getting some of the worst cystic acne of my life in places that I never had it before. I'm almost 32 years old and I feel like a teenager. It's awful and depressing. I'm heading to the dermatologist tomorrow.

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That just happened to me today...weird...i guess it could be the Diane 35. I never really made the connection before but it really doesn't seem to agree with me :(

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