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Okay so I posted about this once before. C'est talked to me a bit about it but sheesh, still got redness. I am like...pretty damn clear. No whiteheads where i use treatment. Have been on the regimen for over 3 months now but I still feel like the treated area looks significantly darker than the rest of my face. Almost as if i was more tan and red where I treat my skin. I havent started using acne.org aha yet. I have some and am about to try it in a day or so. I find the most troubled area is my t-zone, and to the left and right of my eyebrows. Its just more red than the rest of my face. Do yall think AHA might help that? Is this redness ever going to subside? I apply the BP and moisturizer so gently I couldn't possibly do it any more gently. Takes me forever to apply both because of how gently I do it, so i doubt its irritation. Anyone?

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I've read on the net that BP can sometimes darken your skin, esp if you have med - dark skin. Also, if you are in the sun a lot, your skin is more prone to get burned. If you aren't already, I would suggest using sunblock with a high SPF (I love Neutrogena's Pure & Free® Baby Sunblock Lotion SPF 60) to keep the sun from irritating your skin. Good luck! :angel

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My chin/mouth area was EXTREMELY red, and is still a little more pink than the rest of my face, but AHA and jojoba have helped with it a lot. Try it out, though the former will probably make you still a bit red for the adjustment period.

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oh, and pore clogging sunscreens: I personally don't have a problem with sunscreens and acne, but I think the rule of thumb is to stay away from really greasy things (apparently, avobenzene may not be the bad guy we were all told it was). I currently use Cetaphil with spf 15 and have no real problems with it.

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