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Cyst Quick Help Tips

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Hi... I been coming here for advice for long time and I have not posted before..but I'm prone to Acne cysts and a lot of what I know about healing them and stopping them is mix of things I have read from this site..but each time I get one I can pretty much stop it cold in 3 days.

Right now I have a cyst on left cheek..I caught it to late to prevent the entire thing but heres what I have done and it has gone down to normal sized pimple now and is drying out rapidly. I take doxycycline as antibiotic and that mixed with these methods works great for me.

Wash face with cetaphil gently...DO NOT PICK AT OR TOUCH CYSTS besides gently washing over it...whatever you do not squeeze it...it will get worse and definitely scar!

Warm up face cloth..dont have it scalding or you will burn up your skin too much..let sit on the spot for like 30 secs to one minute..rushes blood to the area and that will start the healing process...you can also use ice to get down inflammation but def wrap it in face towel and dont let it sit for too long on face..I just hold it on 30 secs..then 30 secs off and repeat for like 5 mins.

Then I mix apple cider vinegar in dixie cup..2 parts ACV and 2 parts water..let it sit on face for 5 mins

Put on 10% BP

Take Anti inflams.. I took 800mg advil liqui gelstwice per day. Def helps bring the sucker down fast

Now for the healing salution...I mix little bit of aquaphor,aloe vera, neosporin( anitiobiotics def help!!) and put nice glob on top of it...do this for whole day or two and I promise it will help..within 2-3 days the dead skin will come off and u may still feel slight bump but keep BP on it and it will go down...this way all scarring and problems have been avoided and you have 3 days of a horrible life rather than 6 months of trying to clear up giant purple scar...hope this helps..appreciate any feedback!

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wow. this sounds great. i suffer from cystic acne as well. i started a new regimin so hopefully i wont need to use this, but i will definitely try to remember it incase i do. thanks!

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