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Jojoba oil and eczema

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I wasn't sure where to post this - the jojoba oil is an acne.org product so I thought this was a good place, but I'm sure the moderators will fix it if it isn't.

My husband was developing some eczema spots starting in about February and by about May he had 3-4 egg size spots, very red and scaling, on his stomach, leg, and arms, and a few smaller spots. He used over-the-counter creams, zinc oxide, etc., never prescription because he didn't want to use a steroid if he didn't have to. So, in about the beginning of June I suggested he use my acne.org jojoba oil on his spot every morning and night after his shower -- so he did everyday (minus maybe a day or two) and guess what....all the sots are completely gone. The one that was the worst on his stomach left a mark, but that'll fade, but the redness, itchiness, scaling, is all gone :)

Just thought it might help someone else. And like most acne.org regimens it wasn't an over-night cure - it took about 4-5 weeks, but it was worth it. He went one week last week without using it because he was away for work, none of them came back badly, but the stomach one did get a little more red. I put it in my bath water now.

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