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i went a little crazy and started picking at my forehead. every little thing i saw i had to pick at. i went a little too far in certain areas and caused scabbing. i didnt go out at all until the scabs came off. now they're off but they left behind very pink shiny skin all over my forehead. i am currently only washing my face twice a day with a gentle skin cleanser. ive read that these may take months to go away, but i really need any advice as to how to get rid of them quicker. ive read aloe vera, facial scrubs, neosporin, even microdermabrasion. i dont know what to do and its making me very insecure. please help.

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i don't know hun, i have done the same thing to myself.

damn these phalanges for picking at my skin!!!

i hear emu oil is great, i just bought a tube but i don't think i should be using it on broken out areas.

i do recommend u do ur research before anything involving chemicals and abrasions.


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It's hard to be sure from your description, but it sounds like this isn't PIH quite yet, but just lesions that are still healing. The shiny pink appearance is because of blood vessels that have grown in to assist the healing process, and keratinocytes that have grown to seal over the top of the wound (underneath the scar), but haven't keratinized and pigmented normally (yet).

In time, the unneeded blood vessels will dissipate and keratinization will return to normal. What you can do to aid this process:

1) Keep the skin well hydrated.

2) Avoid sun exposure, and use a strong sunblock.

3) Provide your skin with the nutrients and raw materials it needs.

These can be accomplished with a good moisturizer and sunblock. I love my "Gold Bond Ultimate restoring lotion". Lots of people swear by CeraVe. Sunblock is a very personal choice, as everyone reacts differently to different ingredients. I use Badger sunscreens, with zinc oxide as the physical sunblock ingredient.

Only when the wounds have fully healed should you start worrying about PIH. There are great pinned posts above that summarize how to deal with it.

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