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how to ask my mom to buy the regimen for me?

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i've been looking at this site for a while now, and i want to order the products cause my skins been breaking out bad lately. but idk how to ask my mom to order it for me, if my dad was here i would ask him but he's in california. and i really want my skin to be clear before school starts back. i dont think my mom would give me the time of day, and she would probably think that its a scam or something. any tips on how to approach the situation? :think:

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You could try asking your mom to sit down with you and show her the site. Let her know that you can try The Regimen using store bought products if she's hesitant to order the products from the site. That way, you can both see how it works for you without having to order anything. : )

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You could always try getting one of those Pre-paid credit cards found in Walgreens and Walmart and buy the products yourself. Then when it arrives show her the products to tell her it isn't a scam.

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ok ill try talking with her about it,maybe she'll listen but still kinda nervous about that lol.

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just show her a lot of the stuff off the site, that's really your best bet. just describe your struggle with your situation and how you want to give this a shot.

if for whatever reason this doesn't work, there are many OTC products that can be used for the regimen to make them effective.

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