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Going on Accutane but also on a cruise!

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I'm obviously going to ask my doctor this question, but I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with being in the sun while on Accutane. I'm starting Accutane July 28 and will be going on a 5-day cruise August 9. I'm ok with wearing a lot of sunscreen, but I already have my cruise tickets and really don't want to be indoors the entire time. My only other option is to push back my treatment until I get back. Has anyone been on it and been ok with just wearing a high SPF while in the sun for extended periods of time? :/

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I had to go to a sports camp all day in the blistering hot sun while on tane. i was fine. Just wear like SPF 70 or above on your face and reapply often. and just check on it and have other ppl tell u if u look pink or if ur burning. i wouldn't worry too much. BUT lather up even if ur only out for like 20 mins. and wear high SPF on ur body too.

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and if ur outside try to stay in the shade, not necesarily inside. and a hat/sunglasses are a good idea!! keep the rays off the face.

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You can be in the sun, but you would have to be VERY protected, high SPF and hat/staying in the shade. If you really want to tan, I'd suggest waiting until you get back since it's only a week or two difference. That way you can enjoy your vacation the way you want to. If I go in the sun, not only does my skin burn, but my lips get sunburned too (pretty painful).

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I'm in the same boat. In two weeks I'll be going to Seaworld and of course it'll be hot and sunny. The thing is that I don't want to put on a high SPF of sunscreen due to the face that it ends up pilling and then flaking on my face. SPF 16 works fine but anything higher won't which is weird. I might just wear a hat and try to stay in the shade all day.

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