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My Severe Body Acne Battle - What I am doing to WIN

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I have Severe Bacne.

I've had it ever since I joined the U.S. Army.

I am 25 years old. I am athletic. I am married with a little girl.

I eat like any most people. I also take vitamins and protein shakes.

I have had BACNE for about 4 years and have not taken my shirt off in front of anyone since it started. It's very depressing. I have taken Tetracycline, but that didnt really work.

I am currently in a full-time school for the Army in the South and the BACNE has gotten very bad. So bad in fact that I can't put my back against a chair, or lay in certain positions. It was just too painful. I used to love to swim and enjoy the beach. I was living in San Diego for a couple years and NEVER went to the beach because of my BACNE.


I came across Acne.org and have learned so much! I've taken it upon myself to fix this problem I have and boost my self-esteem.

What I am doing...

I normally shower twice a day. Once in the morning after physical training, and once before bed. I sleep in a clean, loose, white t-shirt.

I just started a B5 megadose @ 3g a day.

I started the Acne.org Regime @ night with AHA.

I started a Tea Tree Oil routine everyday followed by baby powder in the morning and @ lunch.

I am using Nizoral in the shower, letting it sit for 2-3 mins before the Acne.org cleanser.

- So I am using the PF regime in the morning and at lunch to combat any Fungi possibilities.

- I am using the BP to combat any BACNE.

- I am using B5 to get at the root of acne, and close up those pores.

- I am using baby powder to combat the wetness during the day to keep any possible fungi from growing.

FYI, overall, this regime cost me about $150-$200. The products were purchased from GNC.

I will post pics tomorrow and every few days to track the progress.

Any guidance, advice, tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated!

On to victory!



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So, I am on DAY 3.

I have been very disciplined with sticking to my regime.

I have noticed ZERO cystic growths since I started.

My back is very itchy!

I have had a headache for the past 24 hours. I think this is due to the B5 pills, which I moved up to 7gms a day.

My back would appear to be getting better in the above photos but I think it's too early for any real results. I will post additional photos in a couple more days.



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- So I am using the PF regime in the morning and at lunch to combat any Fungi possibilities.

- I am using the BP to combat any BACNE.

- I am using B5 to get at the root of acne, and close up those pores.

- I am using baby powder to combat the wetness during the day to keep any possible fungi from growing.

Maybe I'm having a memory lapse, but I can't figure out what a "PF regimen" is. Just curious because it's been bothering me that I don't know the abbreviation. :P

Anyways, the improvement looks great! Best of luck to you.

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Ok, so I am on day 5 and I have noticed a big difference.

Any cystic spots I did have are changing to zits. I think the B5 is pushing everything out that is below my skin. So, the pimples and the cycstic acne would appear to be no longer cystic. I haven't had any more acne since I started and any acne I did have on my shoulders is almost completely gone. It would appear to be "retreating".

The B5 is giving me pretty bad headaches, since I am in class all day I now take the pills after class (5pm).

I used to relax, and cool off after physical training so that after a shower I'm not still sweating. I know this is counterproductive to achieving clear skin so I now shower immediately after. I finish with a 2-3 minute ice cold shower to cool down.

I just showered so my skin is a bit red, I will upload photos tomorrow.

Also, I have been using the BP and AHA on my face and my skin is clear. My face wasn't bad at all but I have a couple zits and thought I'd give it a shot. Not only has my skin cleared, but my complexion as well.

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Guest bamberry

That's quite an improvement in the photos, but I wonder is taking in that much B5 healthy? I mean, "megadose" sounds scary, you wouldn't want to shoot your kidneys dead with the routine ... and those headaches sound like bad news. I'm def. not trying to be a downer, but it's a health concern.

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Ok, I will upload photos as soon as I a get a chance but nearly all my acne is gone. I can still see the blemishes, but the cystic acne is gone, and I am not pimply. A nice tan would really make my skin look great. On the left side of my back I have a handful of cycstic acne but they are not longer painful or growing. They appear just as light red bumps and should be gone very very soon. My arms/shoulders are completely clear.

A few things I should add;

I no longer am affected by the B5 headaches, it seems as if only during the initial few days of taking the "mega-doses" did I get headaches.

My face is 100% clear. No blemishes. Not one. :)

I wear a hot/sweaty uniform from 9am-8pm every day, so I switched from Baby Powder to generic Medicated Body Powder that has zinc in it, this powder has kept my skin clear and dry throughout the day. I do not feel an oil buildup at the end of the day after using this powder.

So far I believe what has been most effective is REALLY laying the BP on THICK, the B5 pills, and the Medicated Body powder with Zinc.

I no longer take ZINC because of the upset stomaches I would get. I felt nauseous even after I had eaten.

So to review;

-I am using Dans regime, and applying the BP on very very thick to ensure my acne dries out.

-I am using Nizoral in the shower for a couple minutes.

-I am showering ASAP after removing sweaty clothes.

-Any chance I get, I add medicated body powder with zinc to my back.(ie. lunch break)

-7-10g of B5 with a B50 Complex pill.(5 pills in the AM, 5 at Lunch)

-At night, I add a thick layer of BP, let dry, add a layer of AHA, let dry, and finish with Body Powder.

-I no longer use face wash, I gently wash my face in the shower, after drying off, I add a light layer of BP and AHA.

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Hey Hoot,

I'm 45 and have been battling body acne since my teen years. It improved greatly on its own in my early 30's so hang in there!

Since you mentioned that you used protein supplements, I thought you should look at your whey intake. I don't really believe there is a strong correlation between what I eat and body acne (that's what the liver is for), except I have noticed that when I use protein shakes with lots of whey in it, I break out horribly. If you Google "Whey" and "Acne" you'll see that it's common. Try cutting back on the whey and see if it helps.

The best product I've found for me is Neutrogena Body Wash with salicylic acid. When I use it things improve, when I don't, it gets worse. It hasn't been 100% though, so I just started using Dan's AHA. It got worse after day 2, but is better now. I'm hopeful and hanging in there with it.

Along with body Acne, I also have folliculitis on my stomach, especially when working out more often. This site helped me disgnose it and I just started throwing everything I can at it: I'm just so sick of bad skin. So far, I'd rank what I've tried this way:

1) Nizoral Shampoo. I put it on and let it dry for about 10-15 minutes before my shower and Wow! What a difference! It almost wiped it out after the first try.

2.) Tea Tree Oil (99% from Trader Joe's) directly on the spots with a q-Tip. I smell like a medicine chest for awhile, but it seems to kill 'em.

3.) Sun. If I can tan without sweating it seems to kill the yeast or bacteria too. It also hides the redness as it heals. Be careful because AHA makes you more sun sensitive.

4.) Dan's AHA+. I use it for the body acne and I haven'tt really seen a direct impact on the PF, but it should be preventative and/or it might help the Nizoral get at the buggers better.

I hope my experience helps you.

Good Luck.

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Hey Hoot,

Congrats on the results mate! This post made me going into trying this process that you've laid out and possibly taking an antibiotic as well with it.

I've been dealing with back/chest acne for too long and I'm looking to take it over and win as well.

Let me know as to how long you are keeping to the regimen.. or if/when you are completely coming off it.

I would like to know if the results last or the bacne comes right back, right away.

Hopefully this works out for me as well.. cause this is probably the last test I will try before going to accutane.

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