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(this was about a red mark i had from 3 cyst or nodule which occured one after the other. i had a massive red mark on my left cheek just below my eye. it looked ridiculous!. and it really stressed me out. also it was the for months and months so u can understand my frustrations. it may not work for some of you but for other it might. also ive got pictures too its just a matter of uploading them and i will do soon to show you the diffference)

well basically ive been reading the forums about red marks etc. i think i have a keloid on my face from cyst i had previously its a masiive scar thingy its shiny sometimes slightly raised and is a dark pink colour.


please please please .someone help? what shall i do??

i put vitamin e oil and it seemed to reduce the redness it was getting i think its improved not sure though

ive oredered emu oil for my little red marks woult it work for that keloid thing do you think?

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im really confused what it is yesterday it looked like a keloid. today it seems flat not shiny but jut like a big scar thing but i dunno i havent been putting bp on so its more kind of drying up kindof thing. but when i was putting bp on it was flaking then getting shiny like a keloid. anyone help me?

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The main thing you should do is to correctly identify it first. Upload a picture, it would be much easier for us to help you. to me though, honestly, it doesn't sound like a keloid. keloids usually grow a lot. it just sounds like raw skin that's been very irritated. just leave it alone for a few days and see how it goes. if it's flat, it's definitely not a keloid. if it's raised, i recommend you try using Mederma. I've used it multiple time and have had great success with it, even at times I wasn't treating a keloid, just scars.

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thanks for replying. no at the moment its flat and like you said probably irritated skin. however when i touch it it hurts well not all of the scar but a tiny party of it if it makes sense. ive been putting vitamin E on it and it has helped alot. its turned to a pale pink instead of a shiny bright pink, which is uplifting really. but im just worried i hope a spot doesnt come up from it because you know it hurting when i poke it. ill be carrying on with the vitamin E until my emu oil arrives as its the best thing ive put on it. ill be reporting here and so i can tell whether im making progress also i might take some pictures too its just uploading them really.

oh and once again thank you so much for replying. its a relief because i was panicking. i thought it was a keloid but no i dont think it is anymore because its not raised or shiny

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1 more thing. make sure you hide it from the sun. whenever you go out, put on sunscreen or else it will turn very dark. if it's raw, it's tender, and you need to take good care of it. vitamin e is a good way to go but make sure you also give it time to just breathe. our bodies do have a tendency to heal itself sometimes.

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thankk you so much for replying yes i put vitamin e on it and it did wonders. however i got a tiny spot just above it and dint want to take the risk of breaking out so i stopped. and yes its healing wonderfully on its own. however the bottom part of it hurts when i prod it so on that i will put a tiny bit of like a tiny dot where it hurts just so i dont get a spot that spreads, because i want to stop it after all my mark is eventually healing i dont want another problem.

will come back and report how it goes

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wow my red has improved drastically and i have pictures to prove it!!! im feeling soo happy because this was the one that was bugging me the most. it has nearly gone its only tiny now and a very very very pale pink which seems to be fading (i hope i dont jinx it!!!!!) i hope it keeps progressing. first of all i used to put bp because i had 3 cyst there in the same place which came one after the other. so it was huuuuuge and didnt have anytime to heal. i loaded on bp after bp. this irritated my skin i must admit and made me think that my red mark was a keloid, however it somewhat helped it too in a way. i then started to panic and it was really really getting to me (it had been there for MONTHS as i kept getting a cyst or nodule in the same place) i then started putting vitamin E from capsule on to it morning and night this made it itchy but boi did it help it or what!!!! all in the space of these few days that ive been posting here. (i realy realy do hope i dont jinx it) anyways im going to continue applying vitamin E on it and then when its healed will do DKR and apply bp ALL over instead of missing that bit out in order to prevent spots. only few other redmarks to deal with. theyre small but old marks so they may take time but im not that bothered ill look into that and do more research however im focusing on staying clear right now which i am at the moment and have been for some time now.

also my diet is appaling and i havnt been drinking water which is a shame! however i am going to start drinking more water though and cut the fizzy pop and will definately start this from tomorrow as a fress start.

anyways i am also taking vitamin E and a little dose of Zinc round about 15mg which i might increse as i think it has also been helping.

will crry on posting here.

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