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cysts issue - any solution

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Besides the regular acne which are disappearing currently :) .. I have this problem with few cysts in my face. The first one appeared in the middle of my treatment course with Roaccutane ...

The cysts come in different places of my face.. I tried many antibiotics, creams and finally Kenalog injunctions which showed great result. however few days ago one cyst popped up and I went to see a different dermatologist to give me the Kenalog injunction but he refused and said that it causes damages to the skin if you take it many times and he said that it's not a good idea to have the injunction while the cyst is swollen. He also advised me to take the Roaccutane or Accutance course again, since surgery isn't a wise option... I am not very comfortable in taking Roaccutane/ Accutance because it didn't help me even with regular acne and it took me 4 years of experiments with different drugs to finally find and make my face better.

Anyone have any idea in how to prevent cysts inflammation.

Also, is there any difference between the Roaccutane and Accutance ??

Thanks in advance

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Hi SoOosah. The things I have found helpful for inflammation around cysts are:

1. Drink nettle tea - 6 a day (leave bag in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove bag, add

some cold water and consume!) - I find this highly effective.

2. The old routine of: ice it, take some ibuprofen and put petroleum jelly on a band

aid/plaster and apply it overnight / and during the day if you can - and keep doing

it until you see results - see Wynnes' very helpful pinned post on this.

Good luck :)

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