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Okay so I am a zit-popper, but only pimples that have come to a head. A few years ago I tried to leave a pimple untouched, and it turned a sickly green color. No idea why that happened. I have asked advice from my parents who suffered from acne, and they say two separate things. My dad has severe scarring from acne, and he blames it all on popping. My mom, however, once had moderate acne and how has clear skin (with no scars). She always pops her whiteheads as well.

My acne has subsided a great deal after discovering what triggers it and using a working regimen. However, I am dealing with a lot of post-acne inflammation. I have a lot of red marks, some darker than others. Most have been present for months and are barely fading. I am wondering if popping my pimples has resulted in these red marks, or were these red marks inevitable?

Any input would be great :)

I searched the internet and the debate there is also the same... here, it seems to be the same too. I am really confused. I would much rather have a pimple for a while then a red mark that lasts for a longgg time.

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Popping them will result in red marks some of the time, the size of the cyst is a big factor in how long the mark will last, so you really have to try and leave big ones alone, that's from my experience. If you really have to pop one then I suggest you read the "Popping a pimple" on the Acne info drop down on the top menu, if you have then there isn't much more information you need. It's vital if you want to clear up that you do not touch your face at all.

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Moved to the Skin Picking board.

Some people are more prone to PIH than others, but picking at your skin can definitely increase the chances that you'll end up with red marks or scarring.

If you feel that you have to pop your pimples, doing it correctly can help cut down on the chance that you'll damage your skin in the process.

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Thanks guys!

I've been doing it "correctly" (exactly like Dan's instructions state) but I still get red marks. Maybe that is just how my skin is because it is of a medium-fair tone.

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You could just try really hard not to touch them, it's hard but you probably wouldn't get red marks as often :cool:

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did you ask your mum and dad HOW they each popped it, it may have to do with the scarring.. i think you need to break the skin first...

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