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So, around 8 months ago I went through some diet changes. As a result, my skin became nearly flawless, with the exception of a zit every month or so. However, over the last 2-3 weeks, my acne is starting to act up again. Now, my entire nose is covered in blackheads, and my face usually has 1-2 active zits, and 1-2 healing/"recovering" zits. I've noticed though, that I only get zits on my nose, or my right cheek - which I find kind of weird.

I've done absolutely nothing to my diet, so I've been thinking its my regimen. Which is -


Organic Soap - which is made out of - Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, glycerine, salt, jojoba seed, thyme extract

Then, I wash my face with Jojoba Oil.

Afterwards, I use Dr. Woods Shea Vistion.

Next, Avalon Organics Exfoliating Scrub.

Finally, I rub on Aveeno Natural's Ultra Cleansing Daily Moisturizer, to help with dryness.


*The same exact routine, as the morning.

Except, I apply Clean and Clear's Deep Cleaning Astrngent to my cheeks and nose, and I use Manuka Oil on my zits.

Well, sometimes I change the order I use the products, however, this is the most common routine. I can't remember what was my routine months ago, because I've weaved products in and out - all I know is, I'm using more products now, then when I started.

I'm pretty sure I'm over-doing it, but I please want advice - am I using too many products?, is order necessary?, what prodcuts should I replace or eliminate?

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I'm not sure on which products to take out so I'm not going to try and advise you on that but, from reading that I'd say your definitely being too harsh on your skin with all those products and you should try to reduce them and figure out a new regimen.

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If it's only on some areas, it may just be from irritating. Maybe you watch T.V and pick your face a little (I sure do), or maybe your rubbing your face on a dirty pillow cover while you sleep. Something I really need to work on is to not touch my face at all during the day, which you might also benefit from. I also suggest that you wash your pillow covers and towels. Best of luck.

Also, do any of your products have BP? BP works for most people and I sure as hell wish I'd used it when I started to get acne, it would have saved all the embarrassment and scarring I have today.

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