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My own BP regimen with Acne.org

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Yes hello, just discoverd this awesome site.

Im very curious indeed.

spent well over 1000$ on products.

both perscribed and over the counter.

i got nasty moderate-sever acne. all over my back.

my face has been getting slowly better cause of BP.

now. im curious about the products and what they have in them.


it has salicylic acid in it. doesnt that help?

i mean. i know its not in Dan's regimen but, it helps.

why cant i use it?


Clean and Clear BP tube. 5% BP

it works very well on my face. I never used a "generous amount" until this evening and i can just feel it working.

i have used small amounts for the past couple weeks so my skin is very "ready" for this new regimen. I am excited.

the back acne.


I wish to find this in wal-mart somewere.

i simply cannot buy from the internet. forgive me i want to find another way.

there must be.

My questions

will salicylic acid ruin the regimen?

without AHA.

will my back acne go?

im gonna use "generous amounts" of BP.

im just tired of wasted money.

I've been lied to all my life and have trust issues.



thanks in advance.


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Your best bet is to follow The Regimen as precisely as possible.

As far as the Dual Action Moisturizer is concerned, this is from the FAQs:

Q: Can I use salicylic acid with the Regimen?

A: The jury is still out. The majority of medical books I scoured for acne medication information specifically warn against the combination of salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide, calling it "overly irritating". Several people on the Regimen have noted this. This warning is echoed when combining benzoyl peroxide with several other acne medications as well, resorcinol and sulfur to name two. Remember, irritation aggravates breakouts.

However, some Acne.org members have used salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide successfully. If you want to try this, first use the Regimen without salicylic acid until you are completely clear. Then, feel free to add in one variable at a time such as the addition of salicylic acid.

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=( i am sad.

I simply cannot follow the exact regimen.

damn this life of mine.

there must be some other way.

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because i cant buy his stuff online.

as much as i want to I cant.

rules are rules.

ill just try and use CLEAN and CLEAR BP 5%

and a nice recommended moisturizer.

we shall see what progress i can get.

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That's one of the great things about The Regimen: You don't need the Acne.org products to do it. : )

There's a list of alternative, widely-available products that you can use for The Regimen here.

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Yep. You can find products that are on the list I linked you to and follow The Regimen precisely using those products instead of the Acne.org products.

Dan even shows you how much of the Neutrogena On The Spot to use here.

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