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did it really come to this.

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fuck i cant get away from acne. ive tried everything. the only thing left for me is accutaine. ive tried not to take that drug because its fucking toxic, but i feel like thats my only chance of getting clear. i know the side effects of taking that drug, but im afraid it might fuck me over for the rest of my life. having everlasting problems. i dont want to have joint pain for the rest of my life or hair loss; just shit like that. i just dont know.

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long lasting side effects are the rare side effects. many people have taken accutane once, twice, or three times without long term effects.

Just the obvious ones: red, dry, peeling skin, chapped lips, dry skin everywhere actually, sensitivity to sun, yadda yadda yadda

if acne is something thats really bothering u, uve tried everything, then give accutane a shot. they monitor your blood work and the moment something strange happens u can just go off.

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Maybe there's hope for you. A New Zealand study showed that using low doses of Accutane (10-20 mg) was "quite adequate for most individuals with acne vulgaris", while significantly reducing the side effects:

Newspaper article

Study abstract

If you feel Accutane is your last resort, I wouldn't worry about the side effects beforehand (they might not even happen for you). You're being monitored continuously, you can always stop. Just discuss this with your derm. Good luck!

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