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Surprise another question lol

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So.......my skin is hell on earth basically.

It's beyond dry............red, irritated, my skin is flaking off, it's horrible, it burns, it hurts, it's hell on earth. The heat makes it worse and super aggravates it and causes a terrible burning feeling. It basically consumes my entire cheek down to the jawline and my chin, nose and forehead are also dry but not as irritated looking. My skin is producing basically no oil it seems..........my face is tight and it hurts to wrinkle my forehead or smile after 12 hours of washing it last..........

Does Rosacea cause dry skin like this? I've checked out photos of Seb. Dermatitis but it doesn't really look like that........and it's not really itchy and I heard Seb. Derm is very itchy. It just burns.

Oh FML :(

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Are you using a moisturizer? And nothing but gentle cleansers? "Medicated" cleansers and stuff can mostly just dry and also aggravate the skin. Also using a good moisturizer will help dryness.

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Hey! Thanks for responding :)

I just started using a moisturizer yesterday actually.........I wash and moisturize with Cetaphil (it's suppose to be super gentle). I dunno what happened but my skin totally just dried out and it's all red and itchy, terrible. I don't have much acne........maybe like 2-3 spots.........just a lot of reddness, dry skin, and irritation. I heard Rosacea can cause dryness............not sure if that's what I have or not...........and unfortunately I cant get into a dermatologist until January 2011.

I'll keep moisturizing tho.........I hope it helps :(

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